Frequently Asked Questions

I feel well in myself, what are the benefits of having a massage? Everyone needs to relax, to escape the everyday demands of life, to counteract the everyday surge of work and domestic pressures. For all too many of us, stiffness and pain are a way of life to which we have become habituated, and it is often not until we receive a massage that we realize that our muscles are tight.

Do I have to get undressed to receive a massage? Unless you are a naturist most people will feel more comfortable receiving the massage with their underwear on. That is fine. Whilst having the massage you will be covered in warm towels. However for those few who do feel comfortable you are free to receive your massage naked. Receiving a massage naked and just covered in towels will insure that your underwear does not get in the way of the flow and completeness of the massage. What ever you prefer, it is your treatment session hence the main thing is that you enjoy and benefit from your massage.

What if I need to cancel my treatment session? Last minute cancellations are the bain of any therapists life. A late cancellation means that my time is wasted and an appointment slot is lost. I simply ask if you need to cancel, please phone me as soon as possible. If you cancel or forget to turn up on the day and time of your appointment I reserve the right to make a charge for the lost session.

What is Shiatsu? Shiatsu comes from Japan. It is a form of massage that involves pressure on the acupuncture points in order to balance the body's energy and promote good health. It is traditionally given on a mattress on the floor.

What is Polarity Therapy? Polarity Therapy is the name given by Dr. Randolph Stone to his own comprehensive integration of a number of massage and manipulation techniques which he has developed over the course of half a century. This therapy rests upon a detailed analysis of the nature of energy flow in the body. Much of this theory is derived from yogic and spiritual traditions in India.

I am an Aromatherapy Student, can you help me with my studies? I have provided a lot of free information on this website. If you need more I would be happy to help you with either private massage tuition or private tuition about any aspect of aromatherapy. My hourly for tuition rate is only £20 per hour.

If I find that your health problem is beyond my of expertise, what do I do? I advise you to get the problem checked by your doctor or I refer on to one of therapists that I can recommend. Any good therapist should refer on if they are out of their depth.

Do you offer any sexual services? Believe it or not this is a question that a few men ask me when they enquire, the answer in no, unfortunately because the word massage is often used as a front for the sex industry, I do get asked. This is often a problem for legitimate therapists who advertise on the internet.

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