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Our Aromatherapy massage tuition day will be facilitated by Christopher Thomas. Assistance will be given by Chris's partner Sally. The day is open couples who would enjoy learning massage in a naturist environment. You will be shown a variety of massage techniques that are invigorating, healing, sensual and relaxing.

Couples Massage Tuition Day  

More about what you will learn….

During this relaxing time with us, couples work with each other. The massage tuition day offers a broader experience of some of the key aspects of couple massage. You will learn massage techniques that can be practised either on friends or with a partner and massage techniques that can be incorporated into close relationships. As well as learning about the more healing and therapeutic aspects of massage we will introduce the key principles of couple massage such as how to create a sacred space, how to touch sensitively, how to focus totally, how to connect with the energy body as well as the physical body and some basic strokes incorporating the whole body which may be taken home and used to enhance your couple's relationship.

What is included in the day

Your Massage oils.

A set of course notes.

All of your tuition.

A light lunch.

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